Akkadian Prayer Miscellany

Alan Lenzi, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)

Old Babylonian Prayer to Anuna


This prayer is found on one tablet, CBS 19842, housed in the Penn Museum. It was first published in handcopy by David Myhrman in 1910 (see PBS 1/1, no. 2;bibliography; →library; →free PDF download). W. G. Lambert published an edition of the prayer in the Sjöberg Festschrift (→library). See Lambert 1989 (→bibliography). For this text's record at the Sources of Early Akkadian Literature project, see here. I collated the tablet in May 2018.

Lambert mentions the possibility that this prayer was originally 200 lines long (1989: 322), like other examples of long hymns and prayers. The only fully preserved columns, obv. ii and rev. i, contain 48 and 46 lines, respectively. If this is typical of all four columns, then the hymn contained something like 188 lines originally. If both columns on the obverse contained 48 lines originally, as Lambert seems to assume, and rev. i contained 46 lines (in fact), then rev. ii would have to have had 58 lines in it to reach 200 lines on the tablet total. This seems unlikely to me. Thus, the hymn probably had 190 lines in it, give or take a couple.