Akkadian Prayer Miscellany

Alan Lenzi, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)

Ashurnaṣirpal's Prayer to Ishtar


This prayer in Standard Babylonian Akkadian is only attested (so far) on one tablet, 1880-07-19, 0152 + 1881-02-04, 0188, housed in the →British Musuem in London. Although already available in Brünnow 1890: 79-80, Von Soden published the first modern edition of the prayer in AfO 25, 38-45 (→bibliography). Note Lambert's comments in AfO 27, 71-72, note 2 (→bibliography). Lambert's copy of the tablet is now available in George and Taniguchi 2019, no. 56 (→bibliography; →library). Translations include Foster 2005: 327-330 (English); Seux 1976: 497-501 (French, with many useful annotations); Labat 1970: 250-252 (French); and von Soden (German) in Falkenstein and von Soden 1953: 264-268. Note: The java-script footnotes do not currently work. The notes are accessible directly in the ATF file here.