Akkadian Prayer Miscellany

Alan Lenzi, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)

Old Babylonian Lament: "Ishtar-Bahgdad"


This lament is found on one tablet, IM 58424, housed in the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad. It was first edited and published by Brigitte Groneberg in 1997 (see →bibliography), which provides photographs and Antoine Cavigneaux's copy of the tablet (pictured here on the right). Lambert offered several improved readings in his review of Groneberg's book (Lambert 1999/2000: 276-277). Streck's re-editing of the entire text in 2003 provided many more improved readings (see Streck 2003; →bibliography). His edition forms the textual basis for the present treatment, unless otherwise noted. For this text's record at the Sources of Early Akkadian Literature project, see here. I know of no other English translations of the entire text aside from the present one. Because ORACC, who provides the tools to format my transliterations and translations for this project, currently does not recognize this (newly added) tablet in the CDLI database (see →Partners), I have simply posted for the time being the unformatted ATF code for the text below.